Study In the USA

The USA is the best destination for those who are looking for quality international education. There is various reason why many students over the years are choosing the USA as their academic destination. The academic excellence and holistic exposure available at US universities and the short-term and long-term career advantages once you invest in a US degree are the main reasons students choose the USA above other countries. What's more, the global focus of a US degree, accessibility of financial assistance, various opportunities for research and the adaptability of graduate and undergraduate education in the USA are also important reasons pupil choose the USA for their further abroad studies.

Why Arushi Education Consultancy for USA Degree and Career?

  • Great Visa Preparation Classes:

We offer the best and effective Preparation classes with professionals who are widely considered the best in the nation.

  • Effective Career Counselling:

You will be counseled on every possible undergraduate and graduate major about course content, possible careers with a major, short- term prospects, further studies and long-term prospects in any field.

  • Punctual and Effective Decision Making:

We advise you on which decision you are eligible for within the right time, so you get enough time to decide for yourself.

  • Advice for Interview Registration:

Counselors advise you on the availability of interview dates, suitable dates and where/how to book dates.

  • Tuition Payment Counselling:

Counselors advise you on the process of making a draft for your fees.

  • Counseling about immigration and basic process:

Counselors provide advice on how to get TCs, what to shop for and how to clear immigration once you land.

  • Pre-departure Briefing:

Before you fly, counselors provide you with a comprehensive briefing that will make life easier as a student in the USA.

  • Housing:

If you need institutional housing, our counselors will arrange it for you.

  • Airport Pick-Up:

We can arrange airport pick up to guide you through the city’s in the USA so you could know more about the life around there.