About Arushi International Consultancy

Who are we?

We would like to introduce our organization-Arushi International Educational Consultancy and the services that we have been providing for the overall benefit of the students of Nepal truly have the enthusiasm and reasonableness to have current advanced education at the prestigious schools and colleges over the globe. exactly usually mindful of where to get advanced education of fitting kind, and present-day higher instructive subjects are yet not accessible at the foundation of advanced education in Nepal.

  • Arushi International is a provider of short-term exam preparation for exams like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT 1, GRE and GMAT.
  • Arushi International is a consultancy that represents institutions around the world and places students in these institutions for abroad studies.
  • Arushi International is a language institute.
  • Arushi International is an authorized test center for the iBT and runs trouble-free tests since 2000.
  • Arushi International is a part of a global network that focuses on the betterment of students and helps them to achieve their academic objectives. We work with various partners around the globe in facilitating access to information for students.
  • Arushi International is one of the oldest institutes and consultancies in Nepal, being established in January 2001. Since then we have delivered quality, consistency, and success in all areas.
  • Arushi International is a mindset. The kind of mindset that encourages proactive communication for the betterment of the academic world. We are also a mindset that advocates the adoption of the best professional standards possible and the highest levels of integrity.

Superior Education

Nepalese students at several American colleges and universities are engaged in their academic excellence and are earnestly moving ahead towards their goal. In the same way, the ones who aspire for that kind of education back here in Nepal are seriously looking forward to seeing as to how to make higher education at the American University possible for them. It is exactly for that reason that this American Education Consultancy is sincerely effortful ever than before. The results are highly promising and auspicious, and the commitments are greatly propitious. The increased number of students, leaving Nepal for the universities abroad, has spoken a lot for the fame, credibility and exemplary supportiveness of these universities. We are pretty sure that they all are contributive to the students in successively achieving their career goals and not just educational ones in the future.

Our Vision

Arushi International Visions to bring the most ideal result for everybody who gets our administrations. Our vision is also to contribute to society at large by establishing the best standards possible in all our endeavors.

Arushi consultancy encourages students to follow their academic dreams and believes that if one makes an honest and sustained effort to achieve one’s objectives, success is inevitable. We believe in integrity applied to every Endeavor by an Arushi Internationals staff member or student. We trust that currently, an extraordinary method to emerge is to introduce oneself with pride, quietude, and honesty.

Our Mission

Arushi consultancy always targets to provide our students and pupil with best test exam preparation and best placement for abroad study. We have associated with various universities to ensure and entrust our pupil to the best facility so that they can get the best education and placements.

Immigration at Arushi International Consultancy

Arushi International provides specialized services for high skilled immigration to Australia to select categories of students. We also offer immigration packages to Canada and New Zealand. Talk to our immigration counselor, who is also an immigration lawyer, and find out more about this value-added service.


Arushi International is located at Dilibazar at the heart of Kathmandu city. We have been here for a while providing the best services and best preparation classes for every pupil who are planning for abroad studies. We are fully equipped with manpower and the materials that are required for the efficient working of it, and for having great competitiveness in this world market, we are more than confident that we can much extensively serve the people of Nepal.